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ANDA Prizes


ANDA is pleased to announce the following prizes: 

Award in Category A – Published Article/Essay (in international journals and volumes of collected essays)

Award in Category B – Published Book: critical edition,  monograph, /authored book, annotated translation

Only works published during the previous two years are eligible.

Honourable/special mention

– Unpublished articles (to be published in Le Simplegadi

– new voices

– career 

Applications for both categories are not accepted. Moreover, applicants must have been enrolled as ANDA members for at least a year prior to the year for which the prize is awarded. For each prize, the winner(s) will receive a work of art offered by artists of national and international renown.

The two Prizes are open to works published in the field of English Literature and Culture in the two years before the International Conference. 

Books should be either monographs of scholarly research or critical editions, written either in English or Italian. Edited books (collections of essays by several hands) and translations are not accepted. 

Essays should be published in prestigious international journals or collections of essays.

The submitted works will be evaluated by the ANDA Steering Committee, who may involve external referees. At the end of the judging process, the Committee will select one work for each category and, in addition, may grant honourable mentions. 

Applicants should send a copy of their unpublished essay/article or the editorial PDF of their published book along with a full CV with personal and contact details to the ANDA Secretary Loredana Salis (lsalis@uniss.it). Deadline for submissions: 31 December of the year before the biennial ANDA International Conference.

The winner(s) will be informed before the biennial ANDA conference. The prize will be awarded during the biennial ANDA conference.